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Fundamentals of Fitness and Nutrition Seminar

Open the seminar outline!

What makes Centre Ice Fitness uniquely different from other clubs? It's our commitment to education. Our motto " Motivation through Education" If you have ever attended any of the Free workshops or Clinics available you get it!. The more you understand the principles behind the activities the more control you'll have over your outcomes. That confidence and focus translates into successful training.

The challenge for 75% of members is setting goals and finding ways to get committed until they reap the benefits and see results.

Open the document link for a glimpse of topics we cover in the Seminar. The hope is you leave with a new plan, clearly defined goals and needed inspiration!

Everyone wants to improve their quality of life by adding energy and self-confidence. It's not a secret the more fit you are, the better you feel the more productive you become.The goal of providing these free workshops and clinics is to help you meet those objectives and increase the quality of your life!

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