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A better user experience....Our Mobile App makes participating in classes and programming easier than ever!

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Centre Ice Fitness utilizes Mind Body software to manage membership process, point of sale transactions and customer relationship management. This robust software will provide for a better user experience for our members. Members are able to get updates reserve space in a class schedule, book personal training times and purchase it on your phone or PC. Technology frustrates you? You can always call us for anything or stop at the front desk for assistance.


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ON DEMAND and LIVE STREAM classes are included with your membersip!

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LIVE STREAM BOOKING: To book a live stream class simply book it with the scheduler above or on your mobile app just like a regular class and 30 min prior to the start you will receive a email link that opens to a live look-in on the class! 



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On Demand Classes are now available to members! During the Covid 19 Closure some of your favorite instructors hosted classes. We recorded those Zoom classes to keep members active and health while staying at home, they are available to watch at the convenience at home on your schedule. Kick boxing, HIIT, Flexibility, Functional Mobility and Yoga classes! Check them out participate with family or a friend! Simply log in with your email and password 


The benefits of greater flexibility and mobility help stretch muscles, protect against injury and allow the maximum range of motion for joints.

Learn all the basics and start incorporating Mobility and Flexibility into your regular training!


Mobility: How a joint moves

Flexibility: The length of a muscle


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The perfect prescription to tone up for summer Tank Top and Bathing Suite season. Hit each muscle group; chest shoulders bicep's triceps's upper and lower back, plus core

tory here


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This Basic class is a Safe beginner program for seniors with instruction and supervision from an Athletic Trainer

Incorporate Flexibility Balance & Stability into your workout.
A well developed sensory-motor system is critical to life and health. Most exercise programs fail to adequately train an individual's balance & coordination. This leaves the individual with a disproportional level of fitness and predisposes them to injury. Incorporating specific functional exercises that challenge the body's nervous system to improve sensory-motor function is advised for optimal performance and quality of life.

Quick look at classes available this winter!


Here are new classes all the time here are some of the latest in our lineup!

Cardio Kick Boxing

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New Cardio Kickboxing class!!  A group fitness class that
combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexi-bility, and 
burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout. 
Lose 730 calories / Gain a sense of achievement! 


A combination of bodyweight moves, dynamic stretching and cardio-focused drills this high-rep, fast paced circuit workout brings the spirit of Spartan Race into a studio class. Build stamina, improve coordina-tion and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.
EQUIPMENT: Spartan Pancake Sandbags plus everything else!



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POUND! Rockout. Workout

Starts Oct 17th

Wednesdays 5:30pm  Basic Class


Basic Class

Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not with PiYo…PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.

This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for different periods of time. This generates muscular endurance and metabolic changes that will totally transform your figure.

Also step up and try PiYo Plus (Premium Class)

Hosted monthly included in new member orientations

Ever wonder what happened to that fit energetic toned up kid you remember? This outline helps us put it all into perspective. In order to get where you’re going it helps to understand where we have been. 


We are going to discuss how our body has changed over time and what are realistic and obtainable goals to set for yourself that reverse those trends. We'll discuss your metabolism how it works and factors that influence the slow down. How does your body use food for fuel vs storing it as fat.


Can you say Muffin Top.... how does your body store fat? It's within your muscles as inter-muscular and stored outside as subcutaneous fat! How do you get rid of it? Calories in and calories out.... basics on Food as a Fuel source! The majority of weight loss is limited food intake not calories burned on a treadmill! Why are we getting flabby (Hypotonic) Physiology (of tissue) having less than the normal muscle tone. What do we have to do to get it back?


What role does balance and stability play in day to day activity and how can you improve it.


What happened to my energy and endurance? Lost your stamina? Get motivated and learn how to change it so you can participate in activities you would otherwise avoid. Learn how to change your cardiovascular and respiratory response to exercise, increase oxygen uptake and the stroke volume of your heart.


How we handle stress sleep cycles and mental attitude, all are impacted by fitness! How to set fitness goals.




Basic Class

Gluteus Maxout – a calorie-scorching, strength-building workout of challenging sets that focuses on building strong legs and glutes.

Get stronger, leaner legs relieve stress, burn fat, improve muscular endurance & have a fun leg day… because friends don’t let friends skip leg day! Angela Teaches this great class so you know what you are in for!


Mornings now and evenings starting in the fall!

A competitive community that thrives on intense challenges to elevate overall fitness and endurance through limit-pushing cardio and strength-training circuits. The class varies each session. Incorporates unique challenges to push you. Weights, jump rope, medicine balls, battle ropes, box and hurtle jumps and much more! All with pumping music to inspire. Intermediate to advanced class. Thursdays at 8:00am soon another evening class coming this fall! 



Tabata Protocol is a system of short, high-intensity intervals. Grab a stopwatch, because this workout method is all about timing.The basic formula is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated between six and eight times (between three and four minutes, total). No cheating—the 20/10 ratio has been shown to work both aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways harder and more effectively than longer bouts of exercise. Instructed by Angela so you know you will get the most out of your time! High Intensity Training unleashes both your fast and slow twitch fibers…opens the door to more muscle and more results…..

  • Scissor Kicks

  • Plank Step-ups

  • Heels High

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Russian Twists........

  • Dumbbell front Squats (glutes)!

  • Tri-planar Squats for the (glutes)!


    BARRE Basic Class                 

    We offer a ballet-inspired barre classes that incorporate a traditional ballet barre into the workout. You’ll find elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training in these classes, all set to motivating music. We will use the barre as well as other equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to challenge and condition your body.  Angela teaches this great class!

    Reserve your spot on the  Centre Ice Fitness Mobile app!

    threshold and strength! You'll burn 600-700 calories and a leave with a sense of accomplishment!

    CORE BLAST   Basic Class

    Get serious results as you go beyond crunches and jumping jacks to push your limits and find your edge in this intense, athletic workout. Core Blast will blast your entire mid-section while burning a ton of calories through an intelligently designed yet non-stop mix of great core exercises and powerful boot camp-style drills. All levels are welcome - just be ready to give 100%! 

    BASIC TRAINING Fitness Class

    Basic Class .........Starts July 12th 5:30pm!

    BASIC TRAINING is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combine athletic movements like 3 step runs, lunging, leg lifts and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. We incorporate weight training for each muscle group and use Spri Bands for isolating glutes and hamstrings. Your instructor will pump out energizing tunes and lead you through the workout – challenging your limits in a good way, burning up to 730 calories* and leaving you with a sense of achievement. Reserve your can do this lean into it and challenge your self you'll be glad you did.       BASIC TRAINING is a 45 minute workout.


    Basic Class

    YOGA is a creative and uplifting practice that builds balance, strength, and flexibility evenly in the body by bringing awareness, conscious breath together with mindful movement. 


    In vinyasa yoga classes, students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Ashtanga, Baptiste Yoga, Jivamukti, Power Yoga, and Prana Flow could all be considered vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa is also the term used to describe a specific sequence of poses (Chaturanga to Upward-Facing Dog to Downward-Facing Dog) commonly used throughout a vinyasa class.



    Most forms of yoga in the West can be classified as Hatha Yoga. Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, designed to build full body awareness focusing on linking breath with movement while incorporating holder holds. As a result, you'll feel relaxed, refreshed and energized. systematically designed practice to work your entire body, cultivate focus, stamina, strength and flexibility at a slower pace.


    BASIC FLOW is a simple flow designed to build full body awareness focusing on linking breath with movement while incorporating holder holds. Basic flow encourages you to move with ease through simple and challenging movements alike. As a result, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and energized.


    RESTORATIVE YOGA Is simply that - restorative. It is the centering of your breath and body - aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. The props assist in helping you to hold poses longer. It helps you disconnect from daily stress and calm the mind!Yin Yoga is a gentle practice in which postures are passively held for longer periods of time. This class is an opportunity to turn your focus inward and slowly open the body. By relaxing your bodies muscles, we allow the body’s own weight to gently stretch the underlying connective tissues. As connective tissues are stretched, movement becomes easier and our full range becomes revealed. Yin Yoga facilitates the development of a strong body, increased movement capacities and healing of ligaments and tendons. This practice creates space and maintains healthy range of motion.


    is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. 

    New TRX / KettleBell Functional Training + More


    TRX /KETTLE BELLS PLUS more... Train like an athlete!

    Combine strength training, cardio and endurance in this ultimate interval format. It leaves you breathless with intense, incredible results. Classes utilizes TRX stations with both Kettle bells, Free-weights, Medicine-balls and Fitballs!


    Basic Class

    Basic Class

    A well-rounded sculpting and conditioning workout using free weights, barbells, bands, tubing, etc. to strengthen all major muscle groups; strength training, and athletic movement for results at the highest, most physical level. designed to define, shape and tone lean muscle. Leave with a sense of accomplishment while burning up to 700 calories.... be strong and fit!

    NEW CLASS Functional Training / Balance Stability & Core

    New on The Schedule Instructed by a certified Athletic Trainer

    Incorporate Flexibility Balance & Stability into your workout.
    A well developed sensory-motor system is critical to life and health. Most exercise programs fail to adequately train an individual's balance & coordination. This leaves the individual with a disproportional level of fitness and predisposes them to injury. Incorporating specific functional exercises that challenge the body's nervous system to improve sensory-motor function is advised for optimal performance and quality of life.




    Premium Class w/ Athletic Trainer

    Looking for the perfect before work combination of heart pumping cardio and intense strength training? This class is it. Each week both the format and the equipment used will change to make for increased calorie burn and a total body workout. The class can accommodate varied levels of fitness. Coached by Joelle a Certified Athletic Trainer!


    Basic Class guided by an Athletic Trainer



    This may be the best class you will ever take!!

    The one-hour Functional Circuit Training class combines a focus on strength training stability and core while keeping your heart rate up moving to different stations.  
    It's coached by an Athletic Trainer. This class may include hand weights, bands, tubes, stability balls, balance equipment and kettle bells. The variety of tools and the challenge of mastering these activities will make your workout fun and effective! All levels and abilities welcome.

    H.I.I.T High Intensity Interval Training PLYO + CARDIO


    There’s a reason high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the hottest fitness trends on the planet – it’s the fastest way to get fit, and in shape. Short, sharp bursts of effort allow you to reach maximum training zones and that’s the secret to athletic performance.


    High Intensity Training unleashes both your fast and slow  twitch fibers…opens the door to more muscle and more results….. This Plyo & Cardio class will engage both helping you to:  Builds power and increases speed and leg strength. Increases muscular endurance and stamina for competitive sports events. Uses power agility training to transform muscle fiber and produce a lean, athletic shape.   READ MORE

    The MIXX

    Basic Class

    The Mixx

    Build strength, get lean and toned work all major muscles and get your cardio in. Supervised and safe!
    We'll play invigorating music and inject a whole lot of fun and personality along the way. You can burn up to 620 calories and you’ll leave buzzing with satisfaction.
    Trained instructors guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes and weights, as well as body weight exercises. Both Joelle and Angela will be rotating on the schedule to introduce new training routines! Take the challenge and cross-train for improved overall fitness.


    Power Yoga is a sequence designed to bring attention to the breath while working the entire body to build strength, balance, and flexibility. This practice integrates breath, mind, and body, leaving you breathing more effortlessly, thinking more clearly, and moving more efficiently.


    Premium Class w/ Athletic Trainer

    AMAZING you'll learn more about yourself and fitness than ever before Guaranteed! 

    Athletes have the best conditioning and physique it's because of the training. You can do this...Change your life!


    Jump start your fitness training and restore your competitive spirit safely under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer. This class will focus on a variety of athletic components, dynamic flexibility, strength, core stability, agility, speed and power. This class may involve agility ladders, physio balls, medicine balls, and plyometrics. This class can also be modified for individuals that may have limitations. Coach Brookes has trained players from MLB, NHL,NBA, NFL and Tennis Pros! Yes its the real dea

    News Story here

    Fit-Ball Core Workshops

    Hosted monthly included in new member orientation

    Core strength is critical for preventing injury during everyday movements, such as lifting objects overhead or even getting out of a car.

    it's the foundation of athletic performance, Rebecca V. has her Bachelors of Science in Management of Health Services she is a trainer and Buke Bike instructor here at CIF. Competing in several Olympic and sprint triathlons. This summer she qualified for Worlds in long course triathlon and next summer is fortunate enough to wear a team USA uniform in Sweden!

    Free Flexibility Workshops

    Hosted monthly included in new member orientations

    The benefits of greater flexibility help stretch muscles, protect against injury and allow the maximum range of motion for joints. Learn all the basics and start incorporating flexibility into your training. Joelle Beaudoin is a certified Athletic Trainer for 15 years that specializes in athletic therapy and rehabilitation, sport specific conditioning, and training for all level athletes. Joelle is also available for injuries screenings and athlete consultations.



    Free Nutritional Lecture/Clinic

    Hosted monthly as a part of new member orientation

    Nutrition Talk,

    Covering the basics including the role nutrition plays with fitness and tips for maintaining your healthy habits. The workshop is focused on setting realistic obtainable nutritional goals. It's always about calories in and calories out but what balance of protiens carbs and fats do you need and how does your body use food for fuel. What emotional connection do you have with food? What about Vitamins ? Nutrients? Putting it all together Workouts & Nutrition.


    Free Flexibility Balance & Stability Clinic

    Hosted monthly included in new member orientations

    Learn about the advatages of incorporating Funcutional Training into your workouts! A well developed sensory-motor system is critical to life and health. Most exercise programs fail to adequately train an individual's balance & coordination. This leaves the individual with a disproportional level of fitness and predisposes them to injury. Incorporating specific functional exercises that challenge the body's nervous system to improve sensory-motor function is advised for optimal performance and quality of life.


    Imagine being more in control of your body. You have a heightened awareness of where everything is at all times. You are able to easily bend over, balancing on one leg, to lift a light box and put it on a shelf. You are able to easily navigate steps, run through the hillside terrain, and balance on one leg. You have freedom to reach new heights and take your living experience to the new level.

    Proprioception refers to a sense of joint positioning. This is a subconscious understanding the brain has of its joints and limbs. Kinesthetic sense is the ability to sense where you are in 3-dimensional space. Both of these require a sensory understanding that depends on a strong relationship between the parietal lobe in the brain, spinal cord & peripheral nerves, and the muscle/joint receptors of the body.

    An individual's "proprioceptive tone" refers to their ability to sense and continually adapt to where they are in space. A high level of proprioceptive tone allows you to respond to a dynamic environment quicker and more effectively. This ability allows you an increased level of freedom with your body and decreases your risk of injury.


    Learn Fundamentals of Sports conditioning from an expert!  

    Brooks provides a free workshop for our members that guides you through some basic sports conditioning that you can incorporate into your training. All the newest research and techniques!

    Its FREE limited space available. Book it on your Mobile app under workshops and be your best.  How cool is to have an AT that’s built a career working with professional athletes who now lives in TC and helps us here to educate our members.


    Variable power movements /  Neuromuscular Activities (linked strength)   / Balance / Coordination/ Core stabilization /  Plyometrics                                                   


    Brooks Millar BIO

    Twenty-four years’ experience as an Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning specialist and Biomechanics

    · Graduate Athletic Trainer for Western Michigan University in hockey, football, gymnastics, track and volleyball. Part of rehabilitation team for Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux as he returned to hockey from back issues.

     For 10 years owned and operated Integrated Functions in Seattle Washington a sports performance company Worked and traveled with Professional Tennis Tour.  Worked for professional organizations or athletes with the: Detroit Red Wings, Chicago White Sox, Miami Dolphins, Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco 49'ers, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Seattle Sonics, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks.


    Walk away with new programming that will give you confidence to get in the best shape of your life. No more stories of way back when why not make those glory days now?


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