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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Centre Ice Fitness.



For starters obviously, our location is unique in that we are inside a sports complex. Home of the NHL Redwings Development Camp and NHL Prospects Tournament (If you're not a hockey fan it's still a comfortable place to work out don’t let that keep you from learning more. We are located on the second level separate from the main floor and Ice sheets). If it's good enough for the NHL players we can make things work for you!

In addition to gym access and fitness programming, CIF provides Wellness and Chiropractic services by Dr. Jamie Jasman 


Our target market is the residents in our neighboring communities of all ages and fitness levels. We specialize in corporate fitness/wellness programming. We can meet the needs of many employers nearby. We serve the purpose of supporting Centre Ice and its commitment to providing the best possible experience for participating organizations through sports conditioning programs. 

We make it easy to join

I believe the best way to make the membership process easy and eliminate any barriers for potential members is to make memberships month to month. This places the responsibility on the club to earn your membership every month! It's also a better way to build a long-term stable successful health club business. 


Support for new members

I believe all new members should have enough support initially that the member has a good grasp on what it will take to get started with confidence. Although I believe personal training is a great way to push you to the next level, on a national average only about 15 % of members participate in personal training. It will be available but it won't be the driving force of building our business.


I believe you should learn the basics if you make the commitment to join a club. So we provide a FREE assessment, equipment orientation, and a series of several educationally-based workshops and clinics to help you learn all the fitness basics. Example: Fit ball clinic, flexibly workshop, nutritional lecture. In addition every 30 days you will have the opportunity to meet with a trainer and have your program evaluated and we'll make suggestions to add challenges that will push your fitness level toward continued improvement.


Membership Process

Making available memberships with the potential members' interests in mind is the foundation for building a referral business. Professionalism and commitment toward their success is what will separate us from the competition. Its price and value helps members feel great about their membership choice. We have no commissioned sales people on staff, just team members passionate about helping others!


Prospective members need to believe they will be successful. We need to gain their trust and be a resource for them providing direction, encouragement, and support. Always with their best interest in mind; if we do that and match the features with the benefits along the way most will join. Our role is to educate motivate and inspire them. Motivation often comes through education we must know your product and services and be able to teach.


The only reason someone does not join is; that they are not confident that they will succeed for whatever reason or they simply need to justify the price. Our job is to provide a supportive voice helping them feel confident they can succeed and be better. The irony is everyone wants to improve their quality of life by adding energy and self-confidence. It is not a secret, the more fit you are, the better you feel the more productive you become. Our goal and passion is to help them obtain that!


Let us know how we can best serve you.


Dr. Jamie Jasman



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