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Our memberships are available to every one in the general public, the residents in our neighboring communities of all ages and fitness levels. We specialize in corporate fitness/wellness programing for the many employers in close proximity and we serve the purpose of supporting Centre Ice and its commitment to providing the best possible experience for participating organizations. Therefore we provide sports conditioning programs.


All great clubs have to provide clean facilities the right equipment, programs and services to meet the members’ needs. CIF provides that. It's the clubs corporate culture and ownerships direction that shows through in every aspect of day-today operations. We offer Cardio Equipment Group classes Free weights, circuit training machines, sports conditioning programming and personal training. We provide Free Basic Classes and Free Fitness Department support to help jump start your training.


Corporate Wellness Fitness

Controlling escalating health care costs, increasing employee productivity, two of corporate America’s primary challenges in the coming decade. The cost of insuring a family of four has risen as much as 400% in just the last eight years. Those families are part of your corporation and you know who continues to foot the bill.


The more fit you are, the better you feel, the harder you work. That’s true for the individual and it’s true for companies, as the physical fitness of every employee affects the fiscal fitness of every corporation.

           GROUP CLASSES  Barre, YOGA, PiYo, Boot Camp, Tabata, TRX/Kettlebell, Gluteus Max-out, Basic Training, Senior Programming.......


CIF is committed to providing great classes that will keep our members motivated and inspired.  Basic classes like BARRE, Cardio Core-fit, Body works, PiYo, Functional stability, Slow flow, Vinyasa & Power Yoga, Boot Camp and Core-Fit and Senior fitness classes are all included Free with your membership! In addition Premium classes like Tabatta and TRX/Kettlebell and functional stability classes are currently available for $5 per class. 


In addition all new members are invited and encouraged to participate in the new member Free workshops and clinics held once a month. We provide three educational based programs,  Flexibility - Core/Fit-ball/Stability - and the Fundamentals of Fitness and Nutrition lecture. We believe motivation comes from education ....the better you understand the principles of training the easier it is to remain focused and excited about the personal goals you set. Visit the Class description page.





Team Training

T… Training.   E….Education  A….Accountability  M….Motivation

Personalized small-group fitness and nutrition training at 40% off the regular price.

Team training groups are now forming. To register, check in at the front desk. Coached

Professional instruction at group rates promotes realistic long-term lifestyle changes Trainers and fellow members encourage commitment and accountability. Affordable Personal Training will help you launch – and sustain – a smart exercise program or just re-energize your workout. You don’t have to go it alone.

A program that provides you with the resources and support to meet your fitness goals in a friendly fun, atmosphere.



Our Team training programs include a variety of options from fitness and performance assessments, to nutritional advice and meal planning. Small group training and active coaching philosophy allows us to focus on individual player needs and positional differences within a team group setting. If the entire team is not available at the sametime, we can customize a small group of 4-6 athletes  High Performance Athlete Training Programs are a great way to gain a competitive edge. A functional training paradigm designed to increase strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, coordination and balance, rapidly and with fewer injuries. Be ready for next season, this season with CIF Sport Conditioning Centre.

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