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Team Training

Be at the top of your team’s game this season!

Our goal with every team is to help each INDIVIDUAL athlete get better, everyday. We want to be partners in player development NOT just a place for the players to work out. CIF coaches will teach your athletes how to train properly, motivate them to train hard and put together a team training plan that ensures they also train smart.


Team Training Programs are the secret weapon for elite level teams and organizations to give teams an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Whether you are looking to help your players prepare during the OFF SEASON or compliment your IN SEASON schedule of games and practices, we will help maximize the development of each player’s speed, quickness, strength, movement skills, energy system conditioning, mobility and stability with Team Training. Team training is also an amazing opportunity for team building and maximizing chemistry in an environment away from the game.


Our Team training programs include a variety of options from fitness and performance assessments, to nutritional advice and meal planning. Small group training and active coaching philosophy allows us to focus on individual player needs and positional differences within a team group setting. If the entire team is not available at the same time, we can customize a small group of 4-6 athletes


Contact us and we can coordinate an affordable team program that builds their confidence and a competative edge!

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NHL Development Camps


2017 Rookie Camp. Check out the science behind baseline testing at the NHL level. DRW, working with GVSU Athletic Training grad program.

A.C.E Summer Program

Acceleration Core & Explosivness for Athletes


“ACE” is a program designed to help athletes improve their speed, agility, power, strength, coordination, balance  and core in their sport.  In addition to building a stronger athlete, we will focus on injury prevention, jump technique, and muscle balance throughout this 6 week program. 


B.A.S.E.S  ACL Injury Prevention Program


Classes 4 or 6 weeks  2 or 3 x a week 12 total sessions. Pre and Post testing included instructed by a Certified Athletic Trainer and focuses on building a better athlete by increasing and improving the following: Open document link...


Centre Ice Fitness Health Club Traverse City
Centre Ice Fitness Health Club Traverse City

What do coaches have to say?


" Center Ice Fitness and the staff played an important role in our success this season. I could better utilize my on ice time for game training due to the off ice conditioning we did with your personal trainers. I appreciate the time and effort that was put in to customize the training to our teams specific needs. Your facilities and staff are top notch and I look forward to continued success in the upcoming years!"





Coach Mark W. Stevenson

Bay Reps Varsity Hockey

Trainers / Coaches in Player Development

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Capitalize on the talent and tools available at Centre Ice Fitness when booking your ice time at Centre Ice!


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