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Personal Training and Team Training 


Personalized small-group fitness and nutrition training at 40% off the regular price.


  • Team training groups are now forming.

  • To register you can book online, contact Tom or one of the Athletic Trainers.

  • Professional instruction at group rates

  • Promotes realistic long-term lifestyle changes

  • Trainers and fellow members encourage commitment and accountability.

  • It only takes a second person to start saving!


Affordable Personal Training will help you launch – and sustain – a smart exercise program or just re-energize your workout. You don’t have to go it alone.


A program that provides you with the resources and support to meet your fitness goals in a friendly fun, atmosphere.

Individual session include Nutrition guideance.



MEMBERS                  SESSION RATE        EACH PERSON


1 Member 1hr                    $50.00                        $50.00

2 Members or More 1hr       $60.00                        $30.00 

1 Members  1/2hr               $40.00                        $40.00 


Sports Team Training programs are available, rates depend on the type of programming and number of athletes participating. 



T ....Training


.... Education


.... Accountability


... Motivation 

Nutrition and Wellness Support Available

Participate in the Free Intro to Nutrition. The workshops are held once a month. Learn all the basics. 


Not sure where to start or how to get there? Set up a consult today. 

Basic Nutrition Counseling can be included with your personal training or dedicate training hours to nutrition specifically. 

Nutrition Wellness Packages are available Based on your needs.





John Allen.JPG

Meet the Trainers and Coaches that Direct Personal Training, Player Development and Team /Group Training

Brooks Millar Athletic Trainer

Coach / Player Development Strength & Conditioning Specialist Bio-mechanist

Sports Performance

BIO Joelle B.jpg

Joelle Beaudion  

Licensed Athletic Trainer

Athletic Therapy/Rehabilitation

Sports Specific Training  

Angela Hayes 

Group Exercise Coordinator, 


ACE Group Exercise

Johnny G Schwinn Cycling


Tabata Boot Camp, Barre

Group Exercise Instructors/ Trainers

An amazing talented group of dedicated instructors providing excellent programming



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