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BUKA BIKE Real Rider Bikes ...Your Gym has the best cycling classes in the state!

What makes Cycling Class at Centre Ice Fitness the best in the region? Watch the video and ask yourself why not me and why not now.

Buka Bike uses Real Rider Cycles they engage your core as a result of stabilizing the bike. The work out helps with energy system development through a series of intervals. You build muscle endurance and dramatically improve your cardiovascular and respiratory responce by increasing the stroke volume of your heart and increasing your oxygen uptake. All of this in a high energy Fun Fun class..... BURNING AN AVERAGE OF 500 CALORIES!!!

The class is for all members at every fitness level, the instructors help you pace your self and provide support to ensure you have a safe and successful experience. Its the first time for everyone....Talk to me and receive a few classes on the house!


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