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Student Athlete Spring Summer Programming Announcements

Centre Ice Fitness Offers Free Workshop

Attention Athletes and Parents! "Enhancing Athletic Performance" is being offered FREE of charge to help athletes who are asking themselves these pressing questions that may arise as the winter sports season concludes: How do I get stronger for next season? How do I get faster? What should I be doing in the off-season? What is the difference between pre-season and off-season conditioning? When do I lift weights? When do I work on speed and power?

This workshop will help parents and athletes understand the following:

* Proper development program for athletes of all ages and sports

* Different phases of athlete training seasons

* Safe progressions between seasons

* Injury prevention techniques

* Upcoming options for spring/summer programs

When: Wednesday April 19th 5:15 pm

Where: Centre Ice Community Room

Who: Parents/Coaches/ Athletes

Presenter: Joelle Beaudoin, LAT-Certified Athletic Trainer/Sports & Conditioning Specialist

Call CIF at (231) 932-8340 by April 17 to reserve your spot.

The ACE program (Acceleration, Core and Explosiveness) will return to CIF this summer and will focus on: * Fundamentals of proper off-season conditioning * Speed, Power, Strength, and Core * Personal weaknesses, muscular imbalances, postural and flexibility issues * Injury prevention and proper jump mechanics. For more information contact Joelle Beaudoin at (231) 675-5813 or visit and search for Hockey/Sports Performance/Team Training/ACE

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