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Spring the perfect season for new Fitness Goals

The cold of winter is finally giving way to the gentle onset of Spring. Which also means participating in all that Up North has to offer. It's not a secret the more fit you are, the better you feel the better your quality of life. Participate be active this spring and summer! Get inspired, take advantage of the free programming clinics /workshops at the club and be your best.

It's not a secret to make change; You are where you are supposed to be based on what you did up till now. You can be where you want to be based on what you do today!

  • GOAL SETTING: Key factor = Set individual quantifiable obtainable goals!

  • You control 3 things; the thoughts you think the images you visualize and behavior-the actions you take. You determine your own destiny. Accept personal responsibility or not.

  • Understand: Each day is a test of self-discipline. Set goals and make commitments you can achieve and the result is confidence in your ability to accomplish more. Be aware if you make even a small commitment to your self and fail to meet expectations the opposite effect takes place. That's why goals need to be quantifiable and obtainable.

  • Be willing to pay the price in full - Practice persistence - Improve in small increments - Achievers are committed to continual improvement.

  • Behind every great achievement and success story is self-discipline and sacrifice


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