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REDWINGS & NHL Prospects Club Update

September Friday 11th — Monday 21st

“Centre Ice Fitness will be closed to members for the NHLProspects Tournament and Red Wings Training Camp. All proceeds are directed to I.C.E . Your giving up 10 days of club access helps our community ” We appreciate your understanding support and contribution".

As a member of Centre Ice Fitness you are supporting your local community. CIF and other sponsors support help to keep the cost of Ice Time down for Youth Hockey, High School Hockey, Figure Skating, public skating and much more including stimulus for many local businesses during this time.

History and Background of I.C.E (Centre Ice Arena)

“Involved Citizen’s Enterprises,” also known as “I.C.E.” is a non-profit volunteer community organization committed to providing affordable and accessible ice skating programs for Grand Traverse area residents. I.C.E. is the umbrella organization – similar to a sports booster program – for the major arena “user groups” who offer skating lessons and activities. These groups include: Traverse City Figure Skating Club, Grand Traverse Hockey Association, T.C. Central & West, Bay Area Reps High School & Northwest Hockey Teams, Jr. A TC Hounds, Adult Hockey Leagues and Public Skate Programs. I.C.E. was formed in the summer of 1982 following the closing of the privately owned Glacier Dome ice rink.

Centre Ice Fitness will be closed to members and classes will be cancelled during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at the club. The new Fall class schedule will start in October and be sure to registed for the free workshops and clinics.To learn more about the Redwings and NHL Tournament visit Questions please feel free to contact me at the club. Tom Duggan

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