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The first half of the class starts off with cardio training and the second half includes basic strength training. The type of cardio you can expect will be posted. asic Class

BASIC BUKA Basic Class (Free beginner cycling class)

Basic Buka Bike is a beginner to intermediate class designed to introduce members to the benefits of Group Cycling and interval training. Bikes that tilt, lean and bank turns. The bike classes are unlike any other indoor cycling class you've taken. A challenging experience you won't want to miss. Burn up to 700 calories per work out!

F.I.T. Basic Class (Functional Integrated Training) Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this advanced, total body functional strength training class. We will challenge your muscular endurance as well as balance and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises.

Cycle Sculpt Premuim Class Combine the calorie blasting benefits of indoor cycling with the added bonus of upper body resistance training for a whole body workout. In this time efficient ride, your instructor will get your heart pounding with intense cycling drills while incorporating upper body exercises throughout the ride

CORE BLAST Basic Class Get serious results as you go beyond crunches and jumping jacks to push your limits and find your edge in this intense, athletic workout. Core Blast will blast your entire mid-section while burning a ton of calories through an intelligently designed yet non-stop mix of great core exercises and powerful boot camp-style drills. All levels are welcome - just be ready to give 100%!

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